Saturday, May 30, 2009

RIP Jack C. Lewis

Screenwriter Jack C. Lewis died at his Hawaiian home on May 24, 2009. Born in Iowa in n1924, Lewis was an actor, stuntman and production assistant since 1949. He owned his own publishing company for 37 years and also owned Gun World Magazine before retiring 1997 and moving to Hawaii. He continued to write articles and books using the name C. Jack Lewis. He was a co-writer of 1965’s “Black Eagle of Santa Fe”.

LEWIS, Jack C.
Born: 11/13/1924, Iowa, U.S.A.
Died: 5/24/2009, Hilo, Hawaii, U.S.A

Jack C. Lewis' westerns, production assistant, screenwriter, actor, stunts:
Stallion Canyon - 1949 [production assistant]
Fast on the Draw - 1950 [screenwriter]
Outlaw Gold - 1950 [screenwriter]
King of the Bullwhip - 1950 [screenwriter]
Whistling Hills - 1951 [screenwriter]
Buffalo Bill in Tomahawk Territory - 1952 [actor]
The Cisco Kid (TV) - 1952 [screenwriter]
Dakota Incident - 1956 [screenwriter, stunts]
Naked Gun - 1956 [screenwriter, actor]
The Horse Soldiers - 1959 [stunts]
Sergeant Rutledge - 1960 [actor, stunts]
Death Valley Days (TV) - 1962 [screenwriter]
Black Eagle of Santa Fe - 1965 [screenwriter]
Billy the Kid vs Dracula - 1966 [screenwriter]

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