Thursday, July 16, 2009

Liza Willert actress dies at 70 victom of cancer.

10/07/2009 - 06:34 PM

Mexico .- Mexican actress Liza Willert, who ventured into areas like television, dubbing, film and theater for more than four decades, died today at the age of 70 cancer victims.

Sources at the National Association of Actors (ANDA) confirmed the death of Willert and her remains will be transferred to a funeral home in the Mexican capital.

She participated in melodramas such as "La madrasta", "Ruby", "Mariana de la noche", "Tu historia de amor," "Class 406" and "Abrázame muy fuerte," among others.

Her husband, engineer Bertiz Gonzalo Gonzales, who due to his lost, failed to deliver confirmation that the actress died of cancer. Her daughther Gaby Willert also an actress, declined comment.

"Vecinos", "Hospital el paisa", "Mujer casos de la vida real", "Por tu amor", "Rosalinda", "La mentira", "Camila", "Cañaveral de pasiones", is another work those who collaborated.

Born: 12/31/1939, Mexico
Died: 7/10/2009, Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico

Liza Willert's westerns - actress, voice actress:
Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid - 1969 [Spanish voice of Cloris Leachman]
El juez de la soga - 1973 [actress]
Uno para la horca - 1974 [actress]
Volver, volver, volver - 1977 (Jorge's lover)

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