Thursday, July 30, 2009

RIP Roberto Ramírez Garza

Roberto Ramírez Garza dies "Beto el Boticario"

Posted on July 29, 2009, 7:40 am.

The Mexican actor and comedian Roberto Ramírez Garza, better known as Beto "El Boticario ", died today in a Lima hospital, where he remained for more than 20 days in intensive care.

The actor's family remained pending during the hospital stay, however, each day the prognosis was less encouraging.

Remembered for his participation in the program "carabina Ambrose of" histrionic Santelena admitted to hospital for a problem in the lungs, joined other ailments.
The actor was being treated after being subjected to a second operation, after a colonoscopy, which allows scanning direct visualization of the large intestine, which caused the infection

GARZA, Roberto Ramírez (aka Beto el Boticario)
Born: 8/19/1928, Monterey, Nuevo de Leon, Mexico
Died: 7/28/2009, Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico

Roberto Ramírez Garza’s westerns – actor:
El hombre del latigo negro – 1961
Venganza fatal – 1960
Aventuras del latigo negro – 1961
Con la misma moneda – 1961
La muerte pasa lista – 1962
Cruces sobre el yermo – 1967
Furias bajo el cielo - 1971

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