Friday, August 14, 2009

RIP Reynald Bouchard

The actor Reynald Bouchard has died

The Canadian Press

Quebec actor Reynald Bouchard died Sunday of a heart attack, his agent confirmed Wednesday. He was 63 years.

The actor, spouse of the dancer Louise Lecavalier, has held numerous roles in various television series, including L'or du temps, Les Bougon, Watatatow, Les héritiers Duval et Marguerite Volant.

He was recently seen in the film Dédé à travers les brumes, in which he played the father of Dédé Fortin. He also participated in Ma Tante Aline, Aurore and Séraphin - A man and his sin, as well as The Widow of Saint-Pierre by Patrice Leconte.

He also headed the August theater for many years and founded the event "Christmas in the Park".

Born: 1945 Sainte-Coeur-de-Marie, France
Died: 8/9/2009, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Reynal Bouchard's western - actor:
Les fils de la liberte (TV) - 1981 (Jacquot)

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