Tuesday, November 3, 2009

RIP Jorge Vargas

Mexican ctor Jorge Vargas passed away on Monday do to a bacterial infection, a few days ago he was operated on for colon cancer that was detected a month ago. Ricardo Cervantes, nephew of the actor, indicated that the actor, singer passed away around the 18:00 hours of November 2nd in the National Institute of Cancerología, where he was hospitalized for a week. Everything happened due to bacteria that lodged itself in his body, which complicated the recovery after the operation on Vargas' colon and although the doctors tried to help, the ex-husband of Lupita D' alessio did not resist the treatments. Ricardo said that the news took the family by surprise, since everything seemed to indicate that he would be okay after the operation, nevertheless, due to the bacteria his body could no longer resist the treatments and this put him behind a schedule of recovery and died. Cervantes commented that the body of the actor of melodramas such as "Maria Isabel" has been transferred in hours to Gayosso de Sulivan, where the cremation of the body will be carried out and at some future date it will be determined where Jorge Vargas will be buried.

Born: 6/25/1941, Aguascaliente, Aguascalientes, Mexico
Died: 11/2/2009, Ciudad, Mexico

Jorge Vargas' western - actor:
El corrido de Lino Rodarte - 2003

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