Thursday, February 18, 2010

RIP Ariel Ramirez

Ariel Ramirez was born in Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz, on September 4, 1921, and died February 18, 2010 in the City of Buenos Aires.

Musician, pianist, concert pianist, composer and conductor Argentinian president of the Society of Authors and Composers of Music, composed the Misa Criolla, which ran first in the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires with the stage version by Roberto Oswald and Anibal Lapiz, and 15 days later at the Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center in New York and St. Patrick's Cathedral in the same city. That version offered Ariel Ramírez (piano), with Zamba Quipildor (voice), Jaime Torres (charango) and whole, Domingo Cura (percussion), Jorge Padin and the Argentine National Polyphonic Choir conducted by Robert Saccente.

In early February Ariel was hospitalized for pneumonia and his condition was aggravated by a kidney problem.

Telam news agency released: "Apart from this complication of a clinical nature, Ramirez for years had a disease that had virtually lost his memory" (Alzheimer's).

He is better remembered as a great creator.

Born: 9/4/1921, Santa Fe, Argentina
Died: 2/18/2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ariel Ramirez's western - composer:
The Wrath of God - 1972

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