Tuesday, February 9, 2010

RIP Emilio Vieyra

Emilio Vieyra died in Buenos Aires on January 26. He was sometimes credited as Raúl Zorrilla and was an Argentinian producer, director, screenwriter and actor from the 1950s until his retirement in 2005. He began as an actor in the 1950 film “Hombres a precio” and also appeared in “Ayer fue primavera” in 1955. As an actor he appeared in such acclaimed Gothic horror films as “Sangre de vírgenes” (1967), “La Bestia desnuda” (1971), “La Gran aventura” (1974) and his last acting role “Angel, la diva y yo” (1999).

He started directing films in 1962 with “Dr. Cándido Pérez, señoras” followed by “Extraña invasión” in 1965. He also directed and apppeared in “Sangre de vírgenes”. He retired in 2005.

VIEYRA, Emilio
Born: 10/12/1920, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Died: 1/26/2010, Buenoa Aires, Argentina

Emilio Vieyra's western - director, screenwriter
Los irrompibles - 1975

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