Thursday, February 4, 2010

RIP Peter Martell

Italian actor Peter Martell, has died in Bolzano on February 4, 2010. He was 72. The star of many Italian westerns, broke his leg just before the beginning of "God Forgives... I Don't" with Bud Spencer. He was replaced by Terence Hill and the beginning of the historical comedy team was born.

Been born to Bolzano on September 30, 1938, Peter Martellanzo, this its true name, all' age of 17 years left the school and it was embarked to Amburgo on a Swedish cargo like dishwashers. It was " buttadentro" in a premises nocturnal to Catholic, elect Mister Italy and invited to Milan from un' admirer who employed it like vendor of mockups and cosmetics. After approximately a year determined going to Rome and trying the fortune to Cinecittà. Beginning like stuntman. Scritturato from the producer Manolo Bolognini, than changed the name to it in Peter Martell, between 1962 and 1973 participated more to approximately 70 films with roles or less important. Its year d' gold was the ' 67, when it interpreted quite 11 films. Between more you notice the Cobra, the errante planet, Lola ColT, Clakmool, the gunman dell' Hail Maria and its name was Pot. In 1994 she returned to Bolzano. During the last few years she participated to horror German the Killer Barbys vs. Dracula (2002) and Tears of Kali (2004).

MARTELL, Peter (Pietro Matellanza)
Born: 9/30/1938 Bolzano, South Tyro, Italy
Died: 2/1/2010, Bolzano, South Tyrol, Italy

Peter Martell's westerns - actor:
Dollars for a Fast Gun – 1965 (Helen’s brother)
The Fury of Johnny Kid – 1966 (Rodrigo Campos/Wolff)
The Man from Nowhere – 1966 (muredered herdsman)
My Name is Pecos – 1966 (Clane henchman)
Black Tigress – 1967 (Rod Strater)
Death Rides Alone - 1967
This Man Can’t Die – 1967 (Tony Guy)
Two Crosses at Danger Pass – 1967 (Alex Mitchell)
God Made Them, I Kill Them – 1968 (Don Louis de la Vega/Rod Douglas)
God May Forgive You… No Me – 1968 (Jack Smart)
The Long Day of the Massacre – 1968 (Joe Williams)
Ringo the Lone Rider – 1968 (Daniel/Allan Blake/Captain Bly/Ringo)
The Forgotten Pistolero – 1969 (Rafael Garcia)
The Unholy Four – 1969 (Silver)
Savage Guns – 1971 (Peter Martell)
His Name was Pot… But They Called Him Allegria – 1971 (Kid ‘Pot’ Potter/Allegria)
Patience has a Limit, We Don’t – 1974 (Pupo/Bill McDonald)

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