Wednesday, April 14, 2010

RIP Peter Haskell

Peter Haskell, 75, a prolific stage, screen and TV actor who starred in
the behind-the-scenes Hollywood TV series "Bracken's World," died Monday April 12th, in his sleep at his home in Northridge, said his daughter, Audra.

Born Oct. 15, 1934, in Boston, Haskell began acting while studying for a
degree in literature at Harvard. He appeared on stage in Boston, New
York and Canada in the 1960s and won his first TV role in "Death Valley
Days" in 1964.

Dozens of TV appearances followed on series including "Ben Casey,"
"Combat!," "Lassie," "The Big Valley," "Mannix," "Medical Center,"
"Barnaby Jones," "Vega$," "Murder, She Wrote," "Matlock" and the 2009
series finale of "ER."

Haskell played writer-producer Kevin Grant on "Bracken's World," a
melodramatic backstage look at the film industry that ran on NBC in 1969
and '70. And he had a stint on daytime TV in the early 1980s on the ABC
soap "Ryan's Hope."

He also appeared in two "Child's Play" horror films in the '90s and was
active in theater in Los Angeles.

His first marriage to Ann Compton ended in divorce. In 1974 he married
Dianne "Crickett" Tolmich. They had two children, Audra and Jason.

HASKELL, Peter Abraham
Born: 10/15/1934, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Died: 4/12/2010, Northridge, California, U.S.A.

Peter Haskell's westerns - actor:
Death Valley Days - 1964 (Slim Kennedy)
Rawhide (TV) - 1965 (Jethroe Kane)
The Big Valley (TV) - 1966, 1968 (Ward Whitcomb, Wheeler Johnson, Ben Rawlins)
The Iron Horse (TV) - 1967 (Joel Tanner)
The Legend of Earl Durand - 1974 (Earl Durand)
Father Murphy (TV) - 1982 (Alex Clark)


  1. When I was only 10 years old I fell madly in love with Peter Haskell when he played director kevin grant on the tv show "Brackens world"...I had a neighbor who felt sorry for me and notified a friend who had connections with 20th century fox studios who pulled stings and got me, my mom, my neighbor and my best girlfriend Wendy(she was 8) on the set to meet him...he was so kind and sweet..he came over to meet us and my friend Wendy(who didnt even know who he was ) started crying...being the gentle giant that peter was,,he hugged heart broke because it was ME who was so in love with him!! my neighbor said to him..."hug her too" and he hugged me and he smelled so wonderful!!! He was the kindest celebrity I had ever met...we later sent him a cigarette lighter which was engraved for him...he sent back a personal letter thanking us....They dont make them like that anymore!!!

  2. Nice memory Lynn. Sounds like an special person.