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RIP Alberto Mariscal

Mexico City .- Alberto Mariscal, a prominent filmmaker, and honorary member of the Mexican Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, died on Saturday April 24 in Los Angeles, California, as released to the media Communication on Tuesday. He is considered the creator of the "chili western."

Adalberto Alvarez Ramírez Mariscal, real name of the filmmaker, was born in Zacatecas on March 10, 1926, was dedicated to acting in theater, film and television, but ventured into the address at the beginning of the seventies. Some biographies give his birthplace as Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Alberto Mariscal led to the popular hero to the big screen. He was recognized as a precursor of what was called the “chili western.”

His films began with few resources, but later struck several genres like the western, in movies like “El silencioso” (1966), “Todo por nada” (1969), “El Tunco Maclovio” (1969), “El sabor de la venganza” (1970) his masterpiece for many: Los marcados” (1970).

With great skill, years later he directed: The Beast at bay (1974), The earrings (1977), The killer combi (1982) and The Tomb Matias (1987).

Alberto Mariscal defined as "A passion for what I do ... This I do because I love film and I always do my best even for a story that may seem inconsequential, there is always something to say to people, which are sitting in a theater chair. If one can do, think and reflect on the subject being treated, it was a good one, I think."

MARISCAL, Alberto (Adalberto Ramírez Álvarez Mariscal)
Born: 3/10/1926, Chicago, Illinois. U.S.A.
Died: 4/24/2010, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Alberto Mariscal's westerns – actor, screenwriter, director
El aguila negra en “El vengador solitario” - 1954 [actor]
La venganza del Diablo – 1955 [actor]
Sierra Baron – 1958 (Lopez)
Pistolas de oro – 1959 [actor]
The Wonderful Country – 1959 [actor]
Que me maten en tus brazos – 1961 [actor]
El enmasccarado justiciero – 1961 [director]
The Hooded Men from Hell – 1962 [assistant director]
El justiciero vengador – 1962 [co-director]
La barranca sangrienta – 1962 [actor] [assistant director]
La emboscada mortal – 1962 [co-director]
Aventuras de las hermanas X – 1963 ( [assistant director]
Qué bonito es querer – 1963 [assistant director]
Dos alegres gavilanes – 1963 [co-director]
Los hijos del condenado – 1964 [director]
Dos inocentes mujeriegos – 1964 [co-director]
Shadow of the Black Hand – 1964 [director]
Gabino Barrera – 1965 – [co-director]
Los dos cuatreros – 1965 [director]
El hijo de Gabino Barrera – 1965 [director]
Jinetes de la llanura – 1966 [director]
Eye for an Eye – 1971 [director, screenwriter]
Los marcados – 1971 [director]
Los indominables – 1972 [director]
El juez de la soga – 1973 [director]
Uno para la horca – 1974 [director]
The Return of a Man Called Horse – 1976 (Red Cloud)
El arracadas – 1978 [director]
Lo blanco, lo rojo y lo negro – 1979 [director]
Bloody Marlene – 1979 [director]
Con la muerte en ancas – 1980 [director]
Forajidos en la mira – 1985 [director, screenwriter]
El loco Bronco – 1989 [director, screenwriter]

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  1. Alberto Mariscal was born in Chicago, Illinois, March 10, 1926. His family returned to Zacatecas, Zacatecas, Mexico when he was 4 years old.