Sunday, August 29, 2010

RIP Ary Fernandes

Brazilian filmmaker Ary Fernandes died on Sunday morning

Ary Fernandes died on Sunday morning August 29. The filmmaker, writer, actor and producer gained fame in the late '50s when he launched the series Vigilante Road.
Ary's body will be veiled from 19h Crying Boy in the cemetery, located in the district of Santana in São Paulo. The funeral is scheduled to take place at 11am on Monday the 30th.

After several jobs in television and film, Ary eventually dropped out of the profession in the 1980s. Since 2005 he has been facing health problems after suffering a stroke.

He was hospitalized on Saturday night with severe pains in the stomach and suffered four cardiac arrests in the period he was in hospital and died on Sunday morning.
He was married to Ines Peixoto Fernandes since January 18, 1958, with whom he had two sons, Fernando and Vanya.

Born: 3/31/1931, Santana, São Paulo, Brazil
Died: 8/29/2010, São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Ary Fernandes' westerns - production manager, supervising producer, executive producer:
Paixão de Gaúcho - 1957 [production manager]
Trindade... é Meu Nome - 1973 [executive producer]
O Cangaceiro - 1997 [supervising producer]

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