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RIP Richie Hayward

Richie Hayward of Little Feat Dies Aged 64
by Paul Cashmere - August 13 2010
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Little Feat drummer Richie Hayward has passed away at the age of 64
after suffering from liver cancer.

Hayward was a founding member of Little Feat. As well as being a
drummer he was also a part-time actor and had a small role in the 60s
TV comedy F Troop.

He was also a popular session musician, featuring on records for Eric
Clapton, Ry Cooder, The Doobie Brothers, Robert Palmer, Warren Zeveon,
Tom Waits, Robert Plant and Bob Seger over the years.

Hayward announced in August 2009 that he was suffering from liver
cancer. He told fans through the Little Feat website. “I have very
recently been diagnosed with a severe liver disease,” he wrote. “I am
looking at testing and treatments and a possible transplant, as well
as an indefinite amount of time off”.

“I was trying to withhold this information until I could play my last
three shows and give you all I could without distraction. (My last
show will be August 7th [2009] in Montana).”

“Because I have no insurance, my friends here in Canada, where I live
with my wife, wanted to help as soon as possible and launched
information about a fundraiser and my situation, to bring in much
needed funds asap. As it is a relatively small and local event, we
were not expecting it to be noticed, and word got out before I was
prepared to make this announcement”.

“Now that it has, please know that in no way did I mean to leave you
out of the loop”.

“My intent is to come back to the band, as soon as I am physically
able. Your love and support will mean a lot to me, more than I can
say. I love and will miss you all, and I will see you again on the
proud highway”.

Richie Hayward died on Thursday, August 12, 2010.

Born: 2/6/1946, Clear Lake, Iowa, U.S.A.
Died: 8/12/2010, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Richie Hayward's western - actor, musician:
F Troop (TV) 1967 (Bedbugs' drummer)

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