Thursday, October 21, 2010

RIP Corrine Comacho/Michaels

Actress Corinne Camacho, who was featured in dozens of Tv shows from "The Bionic Woman" to "The Rockford Files" and "Medical Center," died Sept. 15 in Beaverton, Ore., of cancer. She was 68.

Credited as Corinne Michaels, she had a recurring role on "Rockford Files" from 1974-79. On "Bionic Woman" she had a brief but telling part as a Fembot in the two-part episode "Kill Oscar."

The New Jersey native, born Gloria Angelina Katharina Alletto, moved with her parents to Los Angeles at age 5. She started out modeling and then switched to acting with a part in 1967's "The Wild Wild West" as Artie's date.

She studied piano as a child at the Conservatory of Music and Arts and in high school, she began writing music and modeling.

She followed that up with small parts on "Bewitched," "I Dream of Jeannie," and "The Flying Nun." Later she landed longer parts in such series as "Mannix" and "Medical Center," as Dr. Jeanne Bartlett for 15 episodes.

Feature credits include 1969's "Marlowe," starring James Garner and Bruce Lee.

For the next three decades she would appear in iconic TV shows from "MASH" to "Little House on the Prairie" "Magnum" and "The Waltons." She also had year long part in the soap "Days of Our Lives."

But in 1996, Camacho's focus shifted from acting and she moved to New Mexico to build and run a hospice center, before moving to Oregon in 2001, reinventing herself as a life coach and teaching children's music. In 2006, she released an album titled "Love Notes & Lullabies" that she self-distributed. Survivors include a son, Chris Camacho; daughter, Gabrielle Yasenchak; and two grandchildren.

COMACHO, Corrine (aka Corrine Michaels) (Gloria Angelina Katharina Alletto)
Born: 3/2/1942, New Jersey, U.S.A.
Died: 9/15/1910, Beaverton, Oregon, U.S.A.

Corrine Comancho's westerns - actress:
The Wild Wild West (TV) - 1967 (Artie's date)
Little House on the Prairie (TV) - 1977, 1982 (Eloise Taylor, Grace Snider Edwards)

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