Monday, December 27, 2010

RIP Dary Reis

Actor dies of Globo in Rio de Janeiro at age 84

The Gaucho artist Hugo Dary Reis, known as Dary Reis made his final work on the small screen in 2005, the TV series 'Bang Bang'

Brazilian TV lost on Monday December 27, 2010, actor Hugo Dary Reis, known as Dary Reis.

The artist, who appeared in novelas like "A Force of Desire ',' Tower of Babel ',' For Love ',' Angel of Me ',' The Next Victim ',' Dreaming My 'and' Women of Sand ', died at the age of 84, in Rio de Janeiro. In addition to novelas, the actor starred in the miniseries 'Hurricane Hilda' and the programs 'Chico Anysio Show' and 'Class of Didi'. His last work on the small screen was in the novel 'Bang Bang' in 2005.

The wake is being held at St. John the Baptist Cemetery and cremation is scheduled for Wednesday December 29th at Cemetery of Caju.

REIS, Dary (Hugo Dary Reis)
Born: 2/12/1926, Formigueiro County-São Sepé, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Died: 12/26/2010, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Dary Reis' western - actor:
Bang Bang (TV) - 2005

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