Monday, January 24, 2011

RIP Hellmut Lange

Hellmut Lange, the German actor has died at the age of 87. Lange who suffered from dementia died on 13, January, his wife, Irene Lange said. He has long been known for among other things for his role in the TV four-part series "The Leatherstocking Tales,".

Lange was known from many television plays and series on ARD and ZDF. Among his best known roles include the TV Leatherstocking four-part series "The Leatherstocking Tales," (1969). He also had many viewers as the host of the quiz series "Do you know movies?" (1971-1981). Unforgettable is his long representation of the scar-faced, professional crises ridden art shooter appearing in the circus series "Somersault" (1968).

With his distinctive deep voice, he dubbed many movie stars and, according to his wife, he has also recorded radio plays very much like the MDR-production "The King David Report" by Stefan Heym. His last TV appearance was as investigative commission head Herwegh Sat.1 in the film "Ferry to Death".

LANGE, Hellmut
Born: 1/19/1923, Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Died: 1/13/2011, Berlin, Belin, Germany
Hellmut Lange's western - actor:
The Leatherstocking Tales (TV) - 1969 (Natahaniel 'Nat' Bumpo)

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