Monday, March 14, 2011

RIP Andrés Resino Fernández

Actor Andres Resino dies, the villain of 'The Super'

The actor Andrew Resino, which became very popular for her role as bad in the series 'The Super', has died at dawn on Sunday at age 70 as a result of cancer.

Europa Press March 14, 2011

The actor Andrés Resino Fernández, born in the town of Toledo, died yesterday evening at the clinic in Santa Cruz Mompia Bezana (Cantabria) after struggling in recent years against cancer. Resino was married to actress Eva León [1948- ] from 1962-1972 producer, assistant director, actress Mercedes Resino.

Andres Resino became very popular at the end of his career for his role in 'The Super', the renowned series of Telecinco in which he portrayed the evil character Alfonso Torres from 1996 to 1999.

However, the actor was also linked to other projects on small screen productions such as “Agente 700", “Canguros”, “Hermanos de leche” and “El a auténtico Ridrigo Leal” among others. Resino attended the university majoring in Political Science a the Escuela Oficial de Interpretación, intervino también en películas como “Días de viejo color”, “La noche de Walpurgis”, “La cólera del viento”, de Mario Camus, “Aunque la hormona se vista de seda” and “Los amantes de la isla del Diablo”. Resino also had a long theater career debuting in 1975.

RESINO, Andrés Fernández
Born: 11/6/1940, Velada, Toledo Castilla-La-Mancha, Spain
Died: 3/13/2011, Santa Cruz de Bezana, Cantabria, Spain

Resino Fernández Resino's westerns - actor:
Trinity Sees Red - 1970 (Carlos)

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