Saturday, May 14, 2011

RIP Hüseyin Zan

The Turkish actor Hüseyin Zan, famous for his roles as a villain in numerous Turkish films has died.

Zan lived in the township of Yalova Cinarcik and died May 3rd. He was best remembered for his many fight scenes in hundreds of well known films. The funeral was held at the Tassliman Mosque in Yessilcam. Workers joined the people of the district along with his wife Alice Zan and his son, Zan H. Zan was born in 1931 in Izmir, and began his film career in 1960, with the film "One of Us". He played played in several feature films and television series. Zan played the course of the period from drama to martial arts, most recently in the 2007 TV film "Kocero". He holds the record as the most beaten up actor in Turkish films.

ZAN, Hüseyin

Born: 11/19/1931, Izmir, Turkey

Died: 5/3/2011, Yalova, Turkey

Hüseyin Zan's westerns -actor
Kanunsuz kahraman - Ringo Kid - 1967
Kader bagi - 1967
Seyyit Han - 1968
Maskeli beslerin dönüsü - 1969
Kinovi - demir yumruk - 1971
Ipini boynunda bil - 1971
Bati’dan gelen adam - 1971
Tom Braks - seytan tir nagi - 1972
Kan ve kin - 1972

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