Sunday, May 29, 2011

RIP Lillian Adams

Lillian was born on May 13, 1922 in Chicago, and raised in what she liked to call "a small Hungarian village" in Brooklyn. Her first language was Yiddish, but she also spoke Hungarian, Romanian and English.

Throughout her schooling, she always bested the teachers, knowing all the answers but "acting" like she wasn't paying attention so they would call on her. She spent much of her childhood playing with her sisters and 1st cousins. If they ever played a game, she was always the "judge" - as she could be counted to give a fair and unbiased ruling. She would visit the movies each weekend, and return to perform the film for her family... she always knew all the lines, but her improv made the experience better than the real thing.

In college, her pre-med aspirations turned to acting after she auditioned for and got the part of St. Joan. She also met her husband, moved to New York and worked in a factory during WWII. She had 2 children, Brian and Rima.

After her divorce in 1952, she moved back to Los Angeles and returned to her passions of acting and raising her children. She worked in film, commercial and theatre roles, and loved every moment. She always said, "my work is in the audition, not the job."

She is survived by her daughter, Rima Sappington, her sisters, Evelyn Akerman and Sylvia Juhn, and her grandchildren, Tanguy de Courson and Celine de Courson.

ADAMS, Lillian
Born: 5/13/1922, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
Died: 5/25/2011, Los Angeles, Calfiornia, U.S.A.

Lillian Adams' westerns - actress:
The Wild and the Innocent - 1959 (Kiri Hawks)
Have Gun - Will Travel (TV) - 1960 (servant)
The Rebel (TV) - 1960 (squaw)
The Big Valley (TV) - 1967 (Mrs. DeKoyen)
Little House on the Prairie (TV) - 1981 (Mrs. Baxter)

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