Thursday, June 30, 2011

RIP Richard Halliday

Calgary's art community and alumni of the Albert College of Art and Design (ACAD) are mourning the loss of Richard Halliday, an acclaimed artist and former head of the college who died of pancreatic cancer on June 21. Halliday was 72.
Born in Vancouver, Halliday received his early training at the Emily Carr College of Art.
Halliday arrived in Calgary in 1978 when he was appointed to a teaching position at ACAD. He became head of the art department in 1982 and immediately made a change that would have a major and lasting impact on the institution.
"He was instrumental in the independence of ACAD," says Dr. Daniel Doz, ACAD's president and CEO.
"In the early '80s, we were still a part of SAIT. At that time they were focused on technology, so having an art program distracted them from their mission. . . .
(Breaking away from SAIT) really helped define the mission of the institution."
Given the talents that have emerged from ACAD since, Doz said Halliday was "instrumental in helping a new generation of Calgary artists emerge."
Halliday's work is represented in numerous collections, including the Canada Council Art Bank, Alberta Foundation for the Arts and the Glenbow.
A memorial service is being held today at 1: 30 p.m. at St. James Anglican Church.

Born: 5/17/1939, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Died: 6/21/2011, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Richard Halliday's westerns - actor:
Lonesome Dove: The Series (TV) 1994 - bartender
Ebenezar (TV) - 1998 (Jacob Marlowe)
Into the West (TV) - 2005 (drunken moutain man)

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