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RIP Alejandro Parodi

Alejandro Parodi actor dies

He worked under the orders of filmmakers such as Felipe Cazals, Arturo Ripstein and Alfredo Gurrola.

Mexico Monday August 29, 2011

Notimex / The Unversal

Mexican actor Alejandro Parodi, who excelled in the national cinema in films like 'Marusia Minutes' by Miguel Littin, and 'The Empire of Fortune' by Arturo Ripstein, died at age 83, reported the Academy Mexican Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The death of the artist, who was a disciple of Alex Philips, and also worked under such directors as Felipe Cazals, Alfredo Gurrola and Alejandro Pelayo, occurred last Saturday in Tequisquiapan, Querétaro.

Conaculta regrets death

The National Council for Culture and the Arts (Conaculta) deplores the death of the first actor, considered one of the key figures in the cinema.

In a statement, the honorary members and assets of the Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences, reported that last weekend the actor died in Tequisquiapan, Querétaro.

His story

Parodi Alejandro Montaño , was born on July 23, 1928, in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora. Professional education in photography, film and theater. She studied drama with the stage director Seki Sano, as well as being a disciple of cinematographer Alex Phillips.

Participated in movies filmed in Spanish and German. Shared credits with actors like Geraldine Chaplin , Gianmaria Volonte, Dean Stockwell, Marhan Keller, Khris Kristofferson, among others.

Debuted in cinema in "Una calle entre tú y yo" (1952), which was followed by titles like "Venganza en el circo", "El águila negra" (both 1954), "La mujer X" (1955) "Pepito as del volante" (1957), "El toro negro" (1960), "El charro Negro contra la banda de los cuervos" (1963) and "El halcón solitario" (1964), among others.

Achieved notoriety with his participation in "Actas de Marusia" (1975), directed by Miguel Littin, in which he shared credits with Gianmaria Volonte, Diana Bracho, Eduardo Lopez Rojas, Ernesto Gomez Cruz, Salvador Sánchez and Patricia Reyes Spindola.

He later worked under the orders of the director Felipe Cazals in "Las Poquianchis" (1976), based on real events, which gave life to the judge handling the case of three sisters who kept a prostitution ring.

However, the recognition came to star in the film "Llámenme Mike" (1979), directed by Alfredo Gurrola, which tells the story of a corrupt policeman who is jailed, he receives a brutal beating, loses his mind and becomes an effective and honest vigilant.

For this film, in which he starred with Victor Alcocer, Carlos Cardan, and Sasha Montenegro, was awarded first prize Ariel for Best Actor.

Also highlighted in 'knockout', conducted by José Luis García Agraz in 1984, and "El imperio de la fortuna" (1986), by Arturo Ripstein, the latter based on "El gallo de oro"Juan Rulfo's literary work. For both films, the actor was honored again with the Ariel Award in 1984 and 1987 in the category Best Supporting Male Actor.

Alejandro Parodi's work on the big screen continued, with "Lamberto Quintero", "Lo que importa es vivir" (both 1987), "El secreto de Romelia" (1988), "El costa de la vida" (1989 ), "Morir en el golfo", "El hijo de Lamberto Quintero"(both 1990), "Mujer del puerto" (1991) and "Angel Fde fuego" (1992), among others.

In 2000 returns to work with director Felipe Cazals in "Su alteza serenísima" in which he played Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, and she shared credits with Blanca Guerra, Pedro Armendariz Jr., Ana Bertha Espin.

Later, he participated in "De ida y vuelta" (2000) and "El misterio del Trinidad", again under the direction of Jose Luis Garcia Agraz, and for which he won another Nobel Ariel.

He made few interventions on television, soap operas "Penthouse" (1973), Fanny Cano, and "Mirada de mujer: The Return" (2003), which played "Eladio Chacón".

His last job was in "Bodas de oro" (2005), Fernando Luján, Martha Navarro and Hector Bonilla. In 2009 the artist received the Golden Ariel, along with Canadian-born actress Fami Kauffman, better known as 'Vitola'.

Ariel had nine nominations, the highest award granted by the Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences, an organization of which he was an honorary member, and received four of them.
He was also awarded three Silver Goddess and various national and international awards

PARODI, Alejandro (Alejandro Parodi Montaño)
Born: 7/23/1928, Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, Mexico
Died: 8/26/2011, Tequisquipan, Querétaro, Mexico

Alejandro Parodi’s westerns - actor:El águila negra - 1954
Fugitivos: Pueblo de proscritos - 1955
Los tres Villalobos - 1955
The Hooded Men from Hell - 1962
El charro Negro contra la banda de los cuervos - 1964
El halcón solitario - 1964
Astucia - 1986
His Most Serene Highness - 2000 (Antonio López de Santa Anna)

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