Thursday, September 15, 2011

RIP Jorge Lavat

MEXICO CITY, Mexico, sep. 15, 2011 .- The world of entertainment in Mexico is in mourning. At 23:15 am on Wednesday passed the first actor Jorge Lavat. The news was confirmed in the first instance Santaelena hospital, where the actor was admitted to the intensive care area.

Shortly after Lavat Queta, sister of the actor, confirmed the death.
For a few days remained hospitalized Jorge Lavat waiting to undergo surgery for a spinal infection.
His sister Harriet had noted that the actor's health was delicate:
"She has an induced coma, is very quiet. We thought we heard, we feel, feeling the kisses, good wishes, so here we are with him, his four children, his brothers, his friends, his wife. We very hopeful that everything stays OK, "the actress said in previous days.
A Lavat Jorge is survived by four children, Adriana, Paola, Valeria, Jorge Francisco and his wife Rebecca Manriquez.
Jorge Bayona Lavat born on August 3, 1933 in the city of Mexico, had three brothers, including the actress Queta Lavatl.
Although a young man leaned in aviation, in Tijuana, Baja California, he worked at various jobs. However, he returned to Mexico City where he was hired as manager of Montecasino hotel.
The responsibility to accompany their sisters to San Angel Inn studies gave him the opportunity to work as an extra.
In 1957 he dubs the U.S. television series as "The Addams Family," "The Untouchables", "The Time Tunnel" and "The Green Hornet."
In 1958 Gregory Wallderstein producer gave a great opportunity to work alongside Germain Valdes "Tin Tan" and Maria Antonieta Pons, in "The Thousand and One Nights".
His last appearance on the national cinema as a protagonist was the movie "student."
Jorge Lavat participated in 1958 in the first Mexican-screen melodrama "Senda prohibida", followed in 1964 "Crown of Tears," "Obsession" in 1967, "Courage Brothers" in 1972 and "My sister, Nena."
In 2011 he participated in his last soap opera, "Eva Luna".

LAVAT, Jorge (Jorge Lavat Bayona)
Born: 8/3/1933, Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico
Died: 9/14/2011, Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico

Jorge Lavat's western - actor:
Cuatro hombres marcados - 1968

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