Monday, September 26, 2011

RIP Marlene Franca

Actress Marlene Ippolito died on Friday September 23, at her residence in Itatiba, in São Paulo. Marlene was 69 and suffered a massive heart attack. Born in Uauá, Bahia she started in films with the film "Rose of the Winds" , in 1957 when she sold candy at the fair. In 1969, the actress made "Hellbound" and the following year "Jeca Tatu". Because of her beauty, in 1970 she was invited to make genre adult films such as "The Night of Desire" (1973) which won the prize of the State Governor, and in 1976 film "Mortal Cruelty" whcih premiered at the Festival of Gramado. In addition to being an actress Marlene also worked as a director on three short films: "Frei Tito" (1983), "Women of the Earth" (1983) and "Street Child" (1988). The body of the actress will be buried in the Redeemer Cemetery, on Avenida Dr. Arnaldo, in the neighborhood of Sumaré, west of Sao Paulo. Marlene left a husband and two daughters.

FRANCA, Marlene (Marlene França Ippolito)
Born: 8/5/1943, Uauá, Bahia, Brazil
Died: 9/23/2011, Itatiba, São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Marlene Franca’s westerns - actress:
O Cabeleira - 1963
Trindade... é Meu Nome - 1973

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