Sunday, September 4, 2011

RIP Marther Turgeon

The Actress Marthe Turgeon has died.
By AlexandreVigneault

The actress Marthe Turgeon died Sunday morning of lung cancer at the age of 66 years. She was hospitalized at the Notre-Dame Hospital. Her death was announced Monday evening at a cocktail Awards highlighting the Gascon-Roux in TNM stage she trod the boards in recent years under the direction of Alexis Martin and Lorraine Pintal.

"My personal affinity with her, but beyond these affinities, Martha was the ultimate symbol of theater actress," Says the artistic director of TNM, which led from the early 80 in Brecht's plays and who remembers a woman "larger than life", both generous and demanding, and charismatic.

Marthe Turgeon was born in Armagh, Bellechasse County, was formed in Quebec City and made her debut in a comedy directed by Albert Millaire Fenière The Theatre ( The Broken Jug ). Theater actress of all, it had a deep voice, warm and distinguished himself in the tragedy.

Voice actress
"She had this presence, the voice and diction required for this tragedy, it was made to play such a role." Says Lorraine Pintal, while stressing that disappeared was also very funny.

Her talent for comedy was particularly emphasized by Jean-Pierre Ronfard in Life and Death of King lame , fresco theatrical tragicomic nearly 13 hours set in 1981 in which Marthe Turgeon embodied Ragone Catherine (the mother of the king lame ) in addition to being responsible for the costumes.

"Show was a completely unrestrained, but very well managed, well organized." She had told La Presse in 2009, when the room was taken up by young actors.

Small and big screen
Marthe Turgeon replayed under the direction of Ronfard in Around Phaedra , a performance that earned her the Best Actress of the Association of Theatre Critics. It also illustrated by Brigitte Haentjens ( The dog, Caligula, hello, hello ), Alice Ronfard ( The Trojan Women ) and Lorraine Pintal ( Queens, Stabat Mater and Asylum purity ).

Marthe Turgeon has played in film directed by Léa Pool ( The woman from the hotel, for the Heart ) and accumulated in small supporting roles (Omerta, Vice hidden) and screen ( Black Robe, the confessional and Cruising Bar ).

Born: 11/29/1944, Armagh, Bellechasse, Québec,Canada
Died: 8/28/2011, Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Marthe Turgeon's western - actress:
Black Robe - 1991 (Laforgue' s mother)

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