Monday, September 26, 2011

RIP Sergio Bonelli

Sergio Bonelli, historic publisher of Dylan Dog, Tex Willer and tens of other characters of the Italian comic strip, has died after a short illness. Sergio was born on December 12, 1932 in Milan and was the son of Gian Luigi Bonelli [1908-2001] creator of Tex Willer and founder of the publishing company Sergio Bonelli Editore S.p.A.. His first publishing activities go back to 1955, under the feminine pseudonym of Guido Nolitta, with the cartoon of ‘Un ragazzo nel Far West’ (A Boy in the Far West), illustrated by Franco Bignotti. After his father’s death he continued writing the Tex Willer comics. In the 1957 Bonelli it then assumes the direction of the publishing house called Arlado Editions, in order to give life in 1961 to ‘Zagor’. Bonelli also Il Giudice Bean' (Judge Roy Bean), a six adventure mini-series which Robert Hossein starred in the film (1971). In 1975 he created ‘Mr. No’. In 2008 he was awarded the Ambrogino d’oro by the city of Milan. In August of 2011 he was stricken by a sudden illness and was admitted to San Gerardo Hospital in Monza, Lombardy, Italy where he passed away this morning.

Born: 12/12/1932, Milan, Lombardy, Italy
Died: 9/26/2011, Monza, Lombardy, Italy

Sergio Bonelli's western - screenwriter:
Tex and the Lord of the Deep - 1985

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