Friday, October 28, 2011

RIP Manuel López Ochoa

Manuel López Ochoa 1933-2011

Actor ands singer Manueol López Ochoa died on 25 October 2011 in Los Angeles. López Ochoa was a radio announcer and singer who achieved his greatest success in the role of "Chucho el Roto," a character he played on the radio for more than a decade, in a popular telenovela, and in a series of four feature films.
José Manuel López Ochoa was born in the state of Tabasco on 7 July 1933. He became a radio announcer in his home state, then moved to Mexico City where he added television work to his repertoire. Jorge "Che" Reyes heard the young man sing and promoted his transition to actor and singer in the early 1960s. López Ochoa, who grew up in a rural environment, worked primarily in the ranchera and Western genres, although he would occasionally take "civilian" roles. In addition to his movie work, he also starred in a number of telenovelas. Some of López Ochoa's films were remakes or movies using pre-existing characters--in addition to the Chucho el Roto series, he starred in new versions of Quinto Patio, Me he de comer esa tuna, and Angelitos negros. He also incarnated comic book hero "Alma Grande" in two films. López Ochoa moved to the United States and made at least one movie there, Cacería de traficantes. His final large- and small-screen performances came in the late 1980s and early 1990s. - David Wilt Mexican Film Bulletin

OCHOA, Manuel Lopez
Born: 7/7/1933 Tabasco, Villahermosa, Mexico 
Died: 10/25/2011, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Manuel Lopez Ochoa's westerns - actor:
Los parranderos - 1963
Que bonito es querer - 1963
Dos alegres gavilanes - 1963
Dos inocente mujeriegos - 1964
Shadow of the Black Hand - 1964
Nos lleva la tristeza - 1965
El ultimo cartucho - 1965
Los tres calaveras - 1965
Alma grande - 1966
Pacto de sangre - 1966
Gatillo Veloz - 1966
'Gatillo Veloz' en 'Los Malditos' - 1966
Alma Grande en el desierto - 1967
The Bandits - 1967
El corrido de 'El hijo desobediente' - 1968
Ay Chichuahua no te rajes! - 1980

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