Wednesday, October 5, 2011

RIP Peter Przygodda

Peter Przygodda is dead 04/10/2011
Mischka Popp / Thomas Bergman

A few weeks before his seventieth birthday of one of the greatest, most dedicated and versatile master section of the German film died at the early morning of 2 October in Munich, a serious illness. Przygodda who has won several German film awards, was mainly due to its close and continuous collaboration with Wim Wenders, a legend. He also worked with Volker Schlondorff and Hans W. Geissendörfer, with Romuald Karmakar and Robert Schwentke. He was just, creative, demanding and Prussia in a productive way in creative ways. His last film he cut until the end of September - lying down. Because: "I still have every film cut to the end."

The documentary Mischka Popp and Thomas Bergman, whose films he has all the cut with his ebenalls strong feel for the documentary, have written to him a goodbye text, with which all colleagues who knew him loved and worked with him, can adopt. The cinema mourns Peter Przygodda.

"Our friend Peter Przygodda has died after a long severe illness. He has written German film history. For 25 years he has also accompanied us and our films and characterized. He was a workhorse, and life took him roller coaster. And he pressed the spin button. With him we have experienced the most intense work experience we have ever had. He could dance with the material. And sometimes we have found happiness in the editing room. So we became friends. We are very sad. "

Born: 10/26/1941, West Berlin, Berlin, West Germany
Died: 10/2/2011, Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Peter Przygodda's western - film editor:
Don't Come Knocking - 2005

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