Sunday, November 20, 2011

RIP Adriano Reys

Brazilian actor Adriano Reys died today of cancer in Rio de Janeiro at age 77. Reys who is currently seen on TV in the reprise of "Women of Sand" was 78 years-old. Adriano Antonio de Almeida was born on July 20, 1934, in Rio de Janeiro. Adriano participated in other productions such as" Surrogacy "," Vale Tudo "," Four by Four, "among others. The last novel of Hadrian was in 2009, "Mutants - Promises of Love "and "The Record." Despite his dedication to sports in high school (which earned him several medals), his artistic tendencies were stronger. Whe just 19, made he made his film debut in the film "The Three Rookies" (1953). At the same time, he trod the stage for the first time in the play "Termite" opposite Oscarito, Margot and Miriam Therese Blonde. In his film career, he stands out "Tiradentes, the Martyr of Independence" (1977) (Vietri Geraldo) and "River Boy" (1982), Antonio Calmon. also was directed by Domingos de Oliveira, in "All the World's Women" (1966) and Mango Carlos, in duo "The Noise" (1953), among others. His first job in television was in 1970, in the soap "And Where We Come?" . The same year he also made "Pygmalion ‘70" (1970). "Then came Bel Amy" (1972), "The Voyage" (1975) and "We were Six" (1977), all on TV Tupi in São Paulo. Transfering to TV Globo, he appeared in "Seventh Sense" (1972), "Ciranda Stone" (1981), "Happy Ending" (1982 ), "Ti Ti Ti" (1985), "MMA" (1988), "Surrogacy" (1990) and "Women of Sand" (1993), among others. Adriano appeared in a brief role on TV Bandeirantes, opposite Betty Faria in "The Age of the Wolf" ( 1995)."

REYS, Adriano (Adriano Antonio de Almeida)
Born: 7/20/1934, Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Died: 11/20/2011, Rio de Janiero, Brazil

Adriano Reys' western - actor:
No Tempo dos Bravos - 1965

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