Thursday, November 3, 2011

RIP Rosangela Balbo

Rosangela Balbo dies of lung cancer
The Italian-Argentinian actress Rosangela Balbo, based in Mexico, died on Thursday November 3rd she had been suffering from lung cancer the past year.

Ms. Balbo who was 70 years-old and had been diagnosed with this disease in the left lung in 2010, was admitted to a hospital in Mexico City, according to information from Notimex.

Angela Giovanna Rosa Rosso, better known as Rosangela Balbo or Balbo Rosalba was born during the Second World War in Turin, Italy. As a young woman she moved to Argentina where she started in films in the film "Amorim" by the director Tita Merello.

She starred in several films in Mexico such as "The Bulin" and "Married to Argentina." Works in the Mexican cinema include "The Wicked Doll" with Roberto Canedo and Joaquin Cordero. She made her first telenovela on Mexican soil, The Black Christ Enrique Lizalde in 1970 and Lupita Lara. Working in many telenovelas the latest Wild at Heart, Sea of Love, and The Foolish do not go to Heaven, where she played the mother of Valentino Lanus. Her last job was as Olga de los Santos, the chief gossip Lucia (Sandra Echeverria) in The Force of Destiny.

BALBO, Rosangela (RosaAngela Giovanna Balbo Rosso)
Born: 4/16/1941, Turin, Piedmont, Italy
Died: 11/3/2011, Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico

Rosangela Balbo's western - actress:
Pistolero del diablo - 1970 (Bertha)

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