Wednesday, December 21, 2011

RIP Victor Manuel Castro

 Victor Manuel Castro has died

Victor Manuel "El Guero" Castro Arozamena, father and promoter of Mexican movie files (from 1975 to the mid-90), died yesterday at age 87, of respiratory arrest. His remains will be cremated before noon today, to rest in the Church of St. Thomas More.

With the loss of "El Guero" Castro, an era of film has ended. As an actor, screenwriter, film director and producer, whose films, reflected the reality of the thriving nightlife in the country and was a major employer of over 80-year-tapes, home of the likes of Alberto Rojas 'El Caballo', Alfonso Zayas, Rafael Inclan, Humberto Elizondo, Eduardo "El Mimo", Luis de Alba, Sasha Montenegro, Hector Lechuga Lorena Herrera and Carmen Salinas.

With a history of more than 53 years, born in the neighborhood of Tepito, was veiled in an agency of Felix Cuevas, in the chapel 3. He is survived by: His wife, Estela Mendoza, his daughters, Jacqueline Silvia (wife of Manuel "Flaco" Ibanez), Paty (Cesar Bono's wife), Liliana and Lizbeth and their grandchildren.

Victor Manuel "El Guero" Castro covered all areas of entertainment, debuted as an actor in the films "Voices of Spring" (1941) and "Love sold" (1951), as director with "pulque" (1981) and "The pulquería 2 "(1982), as a writer" Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp "(1958)," Beautiful Night "(1971, emanating from the play" The filename ")," Cabaret Nights "(1978)," The Loving "(1979)," Midnight Dolls "(1979)," A male in the salon "(1987) and more than a hundred.

His daughter Jacqueline Castro Ibanez said this that the teaching that lets your father, recently honored by the ANDA throughout a brilliant career, "is the joy of life, love everyone and was her sense of humor, which led him to his last breath. "

For actor and former leader of the ANDA, Humberto Elizondo, the loss of Victor Manuel "El Guero" Castro, is irreplaceable, "gave me a lot of work in comedy. I would say that he made the film the reality of that time."

Mario Casillas, president of ANDI said: "This news makes me very sad. It is regrettable loss. It hurts a lot. And my greatest love Jackie and her husband Manuel 'Flaco' Ibáñez, the loss of this great artist."

CASTRO, Victor Manuel (aka "El Guero") (Victor Manuel Castro Arozamena)
Born: 1924, Tepito, Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico
Died: 12/17/2011, Mexico City, Federal District, Mexcico

Victor Manuel Castro’s westerns – director, actor:
La fichera mas rapida del oeste – 1992 [director]
Goya Goya Salinas almolya – 1996 [actor]

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