Tuesday, January 31, 2012

RIP Juan Carlos Gené

Actor and playwright Juan Carlos Gené dies at 82

Argentine actor and playwright Juan Carlos Gené, who led the Latin American Centre for Creation and Theatrical Investigation, died today in Buenos Aires at the age of 82 after having had cancer, family and friends of the artist said.

Known for promoting local theatre works, Gené directed the state-run television channel 7, until the military dictatorship (1976-83) where he had to leave the country in exile, moving to Venezuela, where he lived until 1993.

The actor, who also led the Argentine Association for Actors at the traditional San Martín theatre, directed last year a version of ‘Hamlet’ starring Mike Amigorena, Luisa Kuliok and Esmeralda Mitre, in Buenos Aires.

In 2010 Gené directed and acted in a versión of ‘Blood Wedding,’ one of Spanish playwright, Federico García Lorca’s classics.

GENE, Juan Carlos
Born: 11/6/1929, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Died: 1/31/2012, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Juan Carlos Gené's western - voice actor:
Fierro - 2007 [voice of the Justice of the Peace]

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