Friday, January 20, 2012

RIP Pio Zamuner

The Italian filmmaker and writer Pio Zamuner was found dead at his home in Sao Paulo today January 20, 2011 said actor and friend Castor Guerra.

The cause of death has not been determined.

 At 76, he lived alone and did not answer the phone the night before. Guerra decided to make a visit because the director did not walk well, and found the body in a chair.

 Zamuner directed 13 films, most of them with comedian Amácio Mazzaropi (1912-1981).

 Among them are "Ronca Ferro Concrete" (1970), a favorite of Mazzaropi by referring to the world of the circus, and "The Band of the Virgins" (1979) and "Mare and Jeca Miracle" (1980), the two last film career of comedian.

 The partnership between the two even earned international film, as "a hick in Bariloche" (1972), a long time these comics took more than 2 million viewers to theaters.

 Information on funeral and burial have not been disclosed.

ZAMUNER, Pio (Pio Roberto Zamuner)
Born: 1935 Chiarano, Veneto, Italy
Died: 1/20/2011, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Pio Zamuner’s westerns – actor:
O Cabeleira – 1963
Rogo a Deus a Mando Bola - 1972

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