Friday, May 4, 2012

RIP Cüneyt Türel

Turkish actor Cüneyt Türel passes away

ISTANBUL- Hürriyet Daily News

Cüneyt Türel, a famous Turkish actor and long time theater mainstay, passed away yesterday. Türel had been preparing for a play that will be performed during the 18th Istanbul Theater Festival.

Türel was 70 and had undergone cancer treatment for a long time. Türel spent his life staging theater plays. He started his career at the Yeşil Youth Stage. He then worked with the Gülriz Sururi - Engin Cezzar Theater and became a professional actor. Türel also worked for City Theaters for 30 years, as well as working as a voice artist. He sang with Ajda Pekkan in her song “Palavara.” Türel’s funeral will include a ceremony on the Muhsin Ertuğrul Stage, and he will be buried at Zincirlikuyu Cemetery.

TÜREL, Cüneyt
Born: 1942, Istanbul, Turkey
Died: 5/1/2012, Istanbul Turkey

Cüneyt Türel’s western – voice actor:
The Masked Five – 1968 [Turkish voice of Yusuf Sezgin]

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