Thursday, June 14, 2012

RIP Carlos Reichenbach

RIP filmmaker Carlos Reichenbach.

The filmmaker Carlos Reichenbach died in the late afternoon of the June ,14th in Sao Paulo, Brazil at the age of 67 years. Director of 22 films, including "The Empire of Desire" (1981), "Movie Dementia" (1985), "Soul Corsair" (1993) and "Girls of the ABC" (2003), Reichenbach integrated several avant-garde movements such as Cinema Marginal and experiences more photos of Boca Trash. Among the awards in his career highlights are the Kikito for best director at the Gramado Festival for "Dementia Movie" in 1986, and Candango best film at the Festival of Brasilia for "Corsair Soul" in 1993. Reichenbach was the subject of a show with his films in the Festival of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in 1980. In its last edition, held earlier this year, the Dutch event exhibited a restored copy of "Liliam M - Confidential Report" of 1975, considered one of his major films.

REICHENBACH, Carlo (Carlos Oscar Reichenbach Filho)
Born: 6/14/1945 Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Died: 6/14/2012, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Carlo Reichenbach's western - actor:
Gringo, o Matador Erotico - 1972

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