Wednesday, June 27, 2012

RIP Ethel Rojo

Ethel Rojo was born in Ethel Rojo Castro Santiago in Santiago del Estero, Argentina on December 23, 1937. Shee had an outstanding career as a star, acting in major roles in film, theater and television.

On several occasions she worked with his sister, the renowned Gogo Rojo and with her formed a stage company.

From an early age she was attracted by the art world. She studied classical dance and was chosen in Santiago del Estero as Queen of the Work.

With this award, she was able to travel to Buenos Aires and take a screen test on Channel 7 in 1954. There, at only 17 years of age, was hired as a dancer in the Maipo, wheres he served for five years until she went to Spain.

On her return to Buenos Aires, dazzled in different venues such as the Maipo, The National, Stars and Astros. In 1973 he was a leading figure in "Maipo Superstar" with her sister and Dringue Farias.

In 2006 she appeared in the work of Cibrian-Mahler Edelweiss, a song to life and, in 2008, had her own tribute to Ethel Red "For the love of Maipo".

One of her recent successes was in 2010, "Burnet, the family," a musical based on the lives of Lucia and Joaquin. Ethel Rojo starred as the mother of the brothers. The work was removed from Billboard December 4, 2010 and became the most nominated work that year.

She worked in television and movies: This naughty redhead (1963), Minnesota Clay (Italy, 1965), The Overture (1977), Mingo and Hannibal Meet Frankenstein (1985) and Louise (2009). In 2011, she worked with Ricardo Fort.

On a personal level, in November 2008 she and Gerardo Gonzalez married after 26 years together.
ROJO, Ethel (Ethel Inés Rojo Castro)
Born: 12/23/1937, Santiago del Estero, Argentina
Died: 6/24/2012, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ethel Rojo's westerns - actress:
Minnesota Clay – 1964 (Estella)
Heroes of Fort Grant – 1965 (Tabaly)

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