Tuesday, August 28, 2012

RIP Manola Saavedra

The film actress died last Saturday; still unknown causes of death

 On Saturday August 25 the actress Manola Saavedra died. The singer was born in Spain in 1936 and participated in several films, the most representative of her work was Raquel's “Bolero”, alongside Mario Moreno Cantinflas.

Her face and her peculiar harmonious beauty opened the doors of the art world. In 1957 she participated in the “Swamp of Lost Souls”, “La cama de piedra y Yo picador”

She also did important work on the small screen, some of the series in which her name appeared in were: Mi amor frente al pasado, Risas amargas, Teresa, Una pasión me domina, El ángel caído, La era de oro, Madres egoístas y Valentina

Manola Saavedra is gone, but the legacy of her work is part of the history of cinema and television.

SAAVEDRA, Manola (Manuela Saavedra)
Born: 1936, Spain
Died: 8/25/2012, Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico

Manola Saavedra’s westerns – actress:
Swamp of Lost Souls – 1957 (Julieta)
La cama de piedra – 1958 (Rosa Angelina)
Jalisco Gals are Beautiful - 1961

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