Saturday, November 3, 2012

RIP José Yepes

Spanish actor José Yepes Cardo, a familiar name in Spanish film history from the 1960s, died October 30, 2012 at age 70 in a hospital in Sagunto, Valencia, Spain, where he was admitted for pneumonia, it was announced today the Company Management Performers (AISGE), to which he belonged. Yepes was born in Sagunto on April 9, 1942 and came into contact with the world of acting as "meritorious" at Teatro Maria Guerrero, although over the years he made ​​the leap to the big screen, where he made over fifty works. One of his first films was " Hay que educar a papá " with Paco Martinez Soria, in 1971, which was followed by many others in which he was supporting actor. "Los días del pasado" (1978), Mario Camus, "Carmen" (1983), by Carlos Saura, "La guerra de los locos" (1989), Antonio del Real, and "La guerra de los locos" (1987), under the direction of Manolo Matji are some of them. In the eighties Yepes worked in television, with interventions into such telefilms as "El caso de Carmen Broto" or the series "Turno de oficio" (1996), among others. In 1999 Yepes suffered a stroke that left him with some difficulties but nevertheless allowed him to perform dubbing work in the Drama Centre Valenciano, AISGE recalls.
YEPES, José (José Yepes Cardo)
Born: 4/9/1942, Valencia, Spain
Died: 10/30/2012, Sagunto, Valencia, Spain
José Yepes’ westerns – actor:
Any Gun Can Play - 1967 (Monetero henchman)
Face to Face - 1967 [Spanish voice of Taylor]
The Man Called Blade – 1977 (Valler henchman)
The Black Wolf - 1980
Here Comes Condemor (The Sinner of the Plains) - 1996 (Herrero)

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