Friday, December 7, 2012

RIP Onofre Lovero

Onofre Lovero died Saturday  December 1st, according to the Argentina Actors Association. This Sunday his remains are veiled in the City Legislature. On Monday at 9 he will be taken to the Pantheon of Actors, in the cemetery of La Chacarita.

He acted in over 60 plays and directed more than 20. He appeared in twenty films, including La buena vida, El Santo de la Espada, La vuelta de Martín Fierro, Adiós Roberto, La Cruz Invertida, Frutilla and Juguete rabioso.

The theater was undoubtedly his passion. He confessed in interviews, his vocation was born in childhood, when he went to see the works in which his cousin Alberto worked in Rella, in the theaters of the Villa Crespo neighborhood.

Lovero transited his life among the scenarios and institutions dedicated to the theater. In addition to chairing the Screen Actors Guild, he held Proteatro, theater director Florencio Sanchez, the Argentine Center of International Theatre Institute and creator of the Cooperative Union of Independent Theatres.

I always was interested in creating spaces for independent theater troupes and to provide opportunities for actors and directors to showcase new art forms. He founded the Popular Theatre City and created the Independent Theatre (now Theatre Payró), thereby mortgaging the house for her father.

In 1996, Argentina Actors Association and the National Senate awarded him the Lifetime Achievement Award Honorable Podesta.

It was declared Citizen of the City of Buenos Aires, in 2005. He also received many awards such as the Maecenas Award in 1998, and ACE in 1996.

Also, Argentores decorated him for his action as founder of theaters in 1995. In 1992 the National Endowment for the Arts gave him the Grand Prize for his career. As an actor he received the Leonidas Barletta.

LOVERO, Onofre (Onofre Lopez Sansac)
Born: 3/14/1925, Buernos Aires, Argentina
Died: 12/1/2012, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Onofre Lovero’s western – actor:
The Return of Martin Fierro - 1974

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