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RIP Sakari Jurkka

Actor Sakari Jurkka died in a hospital in Espoo, long-term illness dismayed that on Thursday, 13 December 2012. He was 89 years old, born in Oulu, Finland 16 September 1923.

Sakari Jurkka made his first role in the work of Helsinki Public Theatre in 1936 a shepherd boy pretending Aino Kallas Sudenmorsiamessa. The play the title role made her legendary mother, Emmi Jurkka.

The boy seen in practice how the theater was fully received the power to both his parents, he urged his younger sister May Day and Jussi Jurkkaa that none of them ever take the theater industry. However, all three eventually became actresses.

Sakari Jurkan original name was Heikki Sakari Juurivirta. Eino Jurkka father, who was the director of his first son was born in Oulu working on the stage, formalized Jurkka-official artist of the family name as a surname in 1931. Middle School keskeytettyään boy got from his father advice to start using the name of Zacharias, if intended directed artistic field. Heikki would be suitable for a business man.

Finnish film industry office tsuppariksi got the son began using the name Sakari Jurkka, when he was accepted into the clapper board and film groups. Sakari Jurkassa or strongly both artist and business man in half. During his long career he was looking for work ever new directions and ways.

In the early 1960s, he founded his own theater, the Arena Jurkan. In the following decade he expanded his mother and sister founded the Theatre Jurkan activity and was director of the Lahti City Theatre.

As an actor he had a longer-term mortgages TTT Theatre, Intimiteatterissa, Jurkassa Theater and Finnish National Theatre. Retirement he was the Helsinki City Theatre, where he made a handsome role Jouko Turkan work and play, directed by Ralf Långbacka. After retiring, he still visited the many theaters in the metropolitan area and Tampere.

Sakari Jurkka fame especially comical in parts, but he was also a strong juurevuutta dramatic roles. One of the most significant was his role as an artist celebration of General Brave Hannu Salama play another Towards the Republic (1980).

Sakari Jurkka also did extensive film career. 1950 gold season, he was one of the most widely used elokuvanäyttelijöistämme romantic kulkurihahmona and sharp comedian. He is especially remembered Ville Salminen film, directed by Säkkijärvi polka (1955) and Anu and Mikko (1956), which Karelian's men and their dialect, he drew his material from his childhood summers Terijoki.

Sakari Jurkka self-directed three films, all of which he also starred. The first and most famous of these movies is the actress Heidi Leena Krohn's breakthrough film (1954).

TV side Sakari Jurkka especially remembered long series actor. He was involved in several decades in television series Station Hotel, Peace and Beach 12 Nitro Cabinet.

Sakari Jurkan of one generation Jurkkia has now been removed completely. Out of the five two youngest sons, Timo and Mikko Jurkka, however, will continue to contribute to the family tradition in the theater.

JURKKA, Sakari (Heikki Sakari Juurivirta)
Born: 9/16/1923, Oulu, Finland
Died: 12/13/2012, Espoo, Finland

Sakari Jurkka’s western – voice actor:
Villi Pohjola – 1955 (narrator)

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