Sunday, January 6, 2013

RIP Claude Prefontaine

Playwright, Claude Prefontaine who performed in a variety of roles in addition to the position of general manager of the Égrégor Theater died January 5th in Montreal, Quebec.  Claude was the artistic director and deputy director of production at the Comédie Canada, where he presented new plays by authors such as Marcel Dubé and Françoise Loranger.

On television, the general public has seen him in several series, including ‘Rue Sprockets’ as Dr. Marchessault, ‘Gold Time’ as Stephane Lefrancois, ‘Under the Sign of the Lion’ as Philippe Beaujeu, and more recently in ‘Our Summers, Providence and The Boys’.

Born: 1/24/1933, Quebec, Canada
Died: 1/5/2013, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Claude Prefontaine's western – actor:
Black Robe – 1991 (old priest)

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