Monday, April 29, 2013

RIP Aida Bortnik

Aida Bortnik a legend in Argentine cinema

An exceptional writer, Aida wrote several of the most memorable films: "La tregua”, “La historia oficial” y “Tango feroz”.

The great screenwriter and writer Aida Bortnik has died, she marked a before and after in the cinematography of our country, being the author of the screenplay for "La tregua" and, above all, of "La historia official” an Oscar and Golden Globe winner she was 75. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Argentina and many of her teammates echoed her death and mourned her death.

Her career and accomplishments like Platinum Konex the best writer of the decade and was positioned as a symbol of Argentine cinema. Her legacy was marked beyond borders: she was the first Latin American writer who managed to become a permanent member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Hollywood, which is responsible for choosing the winners of the Oscars.

Besides "La tregua" nominated for Best Foreign Film Oscar in 1974 - and "La historia...”, from her pen were born some of the country's film classics: Stand "Crecer de golpe” (1976), she made with Sergio Renan, "Volver" (1982) starring Héctor Alterio, Graciela Dufau and Rodolfo Ranni, "Tango Feroz, la leyenda de Tanguito" (1993) the debut of director Marcelo Piña and was seen in our country by 1,700,000 viewers.

Aida 1990s ended with two eventful films "Caballos Salvajes" (1995) and "Cenizas del paraíso" (1997), both directed by Marcelo Piña.

"She was a teacher of life, a great writer," said a pained Juan Jose Campanella.

Born: 1/7/1938, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Died: 4/27/2013, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Aida Bortnik’s western – screenwriter:
Old Gringo - 1989


  1. I've seen La Historia Official and thought it was wonderful! I think you made a typo though. I don't think she died in 1913, but 2013. Just wanted to bring that to your attention :) Awesome post!

  2. Thanks Joanne. Correction noted.