Monday, May 20, 2013

RIP Carlo Monni

Farewell to Carlo Monni, the actor-poet

By Mauro Bonciani

FLORENCE - Monni has died. For all CARLO Monni was the living embodiment of the fierce will to live and the sarcasm of fiorentinaccio, the poet of the vernacular, equal to himself on stage, in movies and in the squares of Florence, his city, even though he came from Campi Bisenzio, he was always willing to entertain and declaim. But on Sunday evening, after a long illness, Carlo Monni who was hospitalized for twenty days of an incurable disease, surrendered.
Born on October, 23 1943, a companion of Roberto Benigni in the early days of the legendary television series "Berlinguer I love you", the 1978 film by Giuseppe Bertolucci where with Bozzone entered the collective imagination along with almost all the characters in that film over time became the object of worship. From then on, Carlo Monni was a charismatic presence, though perhaps fleeting, in many movies and television but especially in the theater, found himself where the physical size and taste of the beginning of the poem to be recited as the old story teller.
In 2011, under the direction of Alessandro Benvenuti, he starred in a choral version of "Welcome home Gori," at the theater of Dante Fields and last year also held a re-reading of Garga, another character of the old Florence that there and that is where he loved the food, the wine, women and poetry. And who knows what he wanted for his funeral, perhaps a funeralone as in "My friends," perhaps a poetry reading by Cecco Angiolieri, perhaps a toast of his many old and new friends. The Monni, Bozzone, we miss you already.
MONNI, Carlo
Born: 10/23/1943, Campi Bisenzio, Florence, Italy
Died:  5/19/2013, Florence, Tuscany, Italy
Carlo Monni’s western – actor:
For a Book of Dollars - 1973 (dentist)

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