Thursday, June 20, 2013

RIP Miguel Morayta

Mexican filmmaker Miguel Morayta died yesterday June 19th of natural causes at age 105 years of natural causes.
In an interview with Ricardo Morayta, son of the director, explained that the death of his father was because of his age, a few months shy of 106 years, "He had no disease, just his heart was very tired and stopped beating."
He recalled that his father was a person very dear to the film community of the Golden Age, but unfortunately his colleagues of those years all went ahead of him, "My father was the longest-serving director in history."
The last movie that he filmed was "Los amantes fríos" (1977), but his son said he never stopped writing, even though he was retired, "He made many films in the Golden Age, and we know that he will be remembered for many of them. "

He said that education was what father left them, "Because he was always hardworking, dedicated, honest and with many principles, which he taught us from childhood". 

Ricardo said he would like a tribute to made in memory of his father, "Because he deserves it, he was a man who gave so much to his country, was much loved in Mexico and in countries like Spain, where he wrote several books ".
At the funeral, held at a funeral home in Colonia Roma, went yesterday family, friends and representatives of the guild cinematic, including Victor Ugalde, president of the Mexican Society of Directors-Directors of Audiovisual Works.
Ugalde recalled that besides being a prolific film director and writer, Miguel Morayta was founder of the Mexican Society of Directors-Directors of Audiovisual Works, the Union of Cinema Production Workers and the General Society of Writers in Mexico.
The filmmaker, who was born on August 15, 1907 in Spain but lived the past six decades in Mexico, he was director of over 70 films and writer of more than 50, among which " El médico de las locas" (1955) , ""¡Ay Jalisco no te rajes!" (1964) and "Capulina contra los monstruos" (1973), to name a few.
A Morayta, who in 1988 received the Gold Medal of Merit of the Director for 50 years of work in film, he is survived by his sons Richard and Michael, and six grandchildren.

MORAYTA, Miguel (Miguel Morayta Martinez)
Born: 8/15/1907, Ciudad Real, Castillo-La Mancha, Spain
Died: 6/19/2013, Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico

Miguel Morayta's westerns - director, screenwriter:
Charo a la fuerza - 1948 [director, screenwriter]
Soul of Steel - 1957 [director, screenwriter]
'Mal de amores' - 1957 [diector]
Juan guerrero - 1963 [direcor, screenwriter]
Rutilo el forastero - 1963 [director]
Guns for San Sebastian - 1968 [screenwriter]
Juan el desalmando - 1970 [director, screenwriter]
Hermanos de sangre - 1974 [director, screenwriter]

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