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RIP Julian Garza

RIP Julian Garza
The outstanding musician and composer Julian Garza Norteno Arredondo, known as "El Viejo Paulino", died last night July 17, 2013, in the company of his family at age 77 after suffering several health problems.
His death occurred at his home in the town of Guadalupe and her remains are expected to be veiled from this afternoon at the Chapels of Carmen town and buried this morning in the Pantheon Los Pinos.
The last public appearance of the singer was in April during a tribute that gave him the Mexican History Museum for his 40 year career and which revealed his fragile health.
The musician, known in music as "El Viejo Paulino", was born on August 19, 1935 in Los Ramones, Nuevo Leon, was the first of three children of Jose Garza Leal and Maria Guadalupe Arredondo and a child lay in the municipality of Guadalupe.
He was with his brother Luis and Julian duet, with which it remained until 2003, which stood out for its particular style in their interpretations to be considered "The Masters of the Bench".
The brothers were together for a period of 30 years in the northern music concept, which accumulated more than 100 musical productions.
According to the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico (SACM), "the stories told in the songs of Julian Garza caught the attention of the movie industry, and were taken to develop scripts for films like" The three graves. "
Among Garza corridos, which are characterized by their colloquial language are "Revenge of Mary", "Luis Aguirre", "Advice from a friend", "Dos cruces", "Farewell to Puente Grande", "A jump mata "," the tragedy of Rosita "," Anda peeling drunk "," Inheritance of gunmen "," Legend of the maimed "and" El Viejo Paulino ", among others.

GARZA, Julian (Julian Garza Arredondo)
Born: 8/19/1935, Los Ramones, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Died: 7/17/2013, Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Julian Garza’s westerns – actor:
El Criminal – 1985
Perro de cadena - 1998

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