Wednesday, August 21, 2013

RIP Carlos Romero Marchent

Actor Carlos Romero Marchent has died.
A member of the Romero Marchent family of filmmakers, he was 69.
The film franchise of Romero Marchent has lost another of its members with the death of actor
Carlos Romero Marchent. Son of author and screenwriter Joaquin Romero Marchent, and brother of Rafael Romero Marchent, director of many spaghetti westerns in the 1960s and 1970s, the director and screenwriter Luis Romero Marchent Joaquín , and Ana Maria Romero Marchent production manager.
Carlos began his career in the late 1950s appearing in “Saeta rubia” (1956) then such productions as “Un fantasma llamado amor” (1957) “El hombre del paraguas blanco” (1958). In the sixties his career continued and he appeared in Spaghetti western such as “Zorro's the Avenger” (1962) “Dollars for a Fast Gun” (1965) and “Cut-Throats Nine” (1970) In the late 1970s he participated in TV serials like 'Curro Jiménez’ (1977-1978), where he played the role of Gaston, and 'Cañas y barro’, as Sangonero.

MARCHENT, Carlos Romero (Carlos Romero Marchent Canales)
Born: 2/22/1944, Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Died:  8/19/2013, Spain

Carlos Romero Marchent’s westerns – actor, voice actor:
The Coyote – 1955 [Spanish voice of José María Prada]
Shadow of Zorro – 1962 (Chema)
Zorro the Avenger – 1962
Gunfight at High Noon - 1963 (Rock)
7 Hours of Gunfire – 1964 (Ted)
Dollars for a Fast Gun - 1965 (Pat Davis)
Hands of a Gunfighter - 1965 (Pat Davis)
I Do Not Forgive... I Kill! - 1967 (outlaw) as [Carlos Romero]
A Few Bullets More – 1967 [Spanish voice of Enrique Avila]
Dead Men Don’t Count - 1968 (Logan Forrest) [as Carlos R. Marchent]
Garringo - 1969 (cowboy)
Zorro the Lawman – 1969 (Fred)
Arizona Returns - 1970 (Jack)
Prey of Vultures – 1970
Cut-Throats Nine - 1970 (Slim)
Santana Kills Them All – 1970 (Donald Kirby)

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