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RIP Luciano Martino

Farewell Luciano Martino, King of the B movie, launched Fenech

Banfi, from janitor to him I owe my career prof
By Alessandra Magliaro
A hundred films as a producer, a few dozen as a screenwriter: from the second half of the '60s and '80s much, much, Italian genre cinema, the one that filled the halls before the crisis and the advent of cinema Piracy has passed for him. He would have turned 80 in December Luciano Martino, who died today in Kenya. With his brother director Sergio was involved in a factory of B movie cult today of various genres, from peplum to cop to the sex comedies of the time. Titles such as Milano Trema - The police want justice, Giants of Rome but also that very long list of movies that are still in the minds of many, sexy and itchy in the years when there was no sex free on the internet and the maximum was the B-side of Nadia Cassini and Edwige Fenech in the shower.
Producing films like 'Giovannona Coscialunga dishonored with honor', 'That great piece dell'Ubalda', the long series of the teacher or the soldier, 'Cream Horn' certainly has a place in the history of Italian cinema. Has launched many beauties of the time, including Barbara Bouchet, Gloria Guida but especially 'invented' Edwige Fenech who was then his companion for many years. Towards the mid-80s, when the film began to give way to the supermarket, Martino was oriented towards producing the TV drama series such as Turbo or TV movie as a state secret by Giuseppe Ferrara. It was he who was the 1987 debut of the then unknown Nicole Kidman chose for the TV movie An Australian in Rome. '' Luciano - he told his brother Sergio, who was contacted by ANSA - he loved being in Malindi, even though it was plagued by a bad bad. Last night was fine, except for a low-grade fever, he had dinner with some friends. Then tonight was suffering from pulmonary edema and died during the flight to Nairobi. Maybe - he concludes - has gone the way he wanted.''
Edwige Fenech sobs:'' We loved one another so well, it is a life of respect that is gone today. We are the United States, as it has been part of my life. I am so saddened that I can hardly speak of him now '. Lino Banfi fondly recalls her career and profitability:'' A Luciano Martino I owe so much: we have come a long piece of road together, punctuated by more than 40 films he has produced and largely directed his brother Sergio'' . Among the anecdotes, Banfi said:'' As a joke from the past thirty years and I Edwige Fenech, used to say that he should put on the table a picture of both of the same size: we made you enrich the provocavamo. And he answered: I will have been worthwhile. He was right.'' After several appearances in minor roles,'' among soldiers, doctors and high school students - jokes Banfi alternating emotion to smile - my first starring role was in the film, the doctor is with Colonel (1980). The last we have achieved together is coach in football 2. In between there are so many interests: I can proudly say that in the 'didactic branch', as we called goliardic, having started as a janitor, then I was promoted to full professor, and even the principal. I only missed the move to Director of Education.'' Film scollacciati? '' They were very clean. Also because - jokes - the actresses were continually in the shower.'' After many experiences together'' has remained a great friendship between us: he was a great man, I love him very much.''

MARTINO, Luciano
Born: 12/22/1933, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Died: 8/14/2013, Malinda, Kenya

Luciano Martino’s western – producer, screenwriter:
Buffalo Bill, Hero of the Far West – 1965 [screenwriter]
The Man from Nowhere – 1966 [screenwriter]
$10,000 for a Massacre – 1967 [producer, screenwriter]
One More to Hell – 1968 [producer, screenwriter]
Vengeance is Mine – 1968 [producer, screenwriter]
Stagecoach of the Condemned – 1970 [screenwriter]
Gunman in Town – 1970 [producer[
Dig Your Grave Friend… Sabata’s Coming – 1971 [screenwriter]
His Name was Holy Ghost – 1972 [producer]
My Horse, My Gun, Your Widow – 1972 [producer]
A Man Called Invincible – 1973 [producer]
Zorro – 1975 [producer]
A Man Called Blade – 1977 [producer]

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