Thursday, October 31, 2013

RIP Antonio Guidi

Farewell to actor and voice actor Antonio Guidi
The horrible year of death of Italian voice dubbers continues. Since the beginning of 2013 voice actors of the caliber of Claudio Fattoretto, Tonino Accolla, Giuliano Persico, Franco Fortunato, Dario De and actors with experience in dubbing as Mariangela Melato, Anna Proclemer, Aldo Reggiani and Aldo Massasso, now comes the news of the death of Antonio Guidi, born in Ferrara October 28, 1927 and passed away on Thursday, October 17.
Guidi, who had won the award Noce d’oro  for Best Young Actor , he graduated  with a degree in architecture in 1951, then for two years he attended the acting school of the Piccolo Teatro in Milan, directed by Giorgio Strehler, and after four seasons in the glorious theater scene in central St. Erasmus in Milan he dedicated his career to dubbing.
On to the C.I.D. from the late 1950s until the failure of the cooperative in 1973, then to CD, for the Group Thirty (now PumaisDue) and in recent years for the Milan-based company ADC GROUP, Guidi will be remembered among other things as the voice of Peter Ustinov in different films including "Evil Under the Sun" and "Death on the Nile" (as Hercule Poirot), but also in the drama "Jesus of Nazareth " (in the role of Herod), Bernard Blier in “Amici miei”, “Una botta di vita”, “I compagni”, “Il malato immaginario” and “Il furto è l’anima del commercio”; Vincent Gardenia in "Death Wish" and "Lucky Luciano" by Donald Sutherland in "Twentieth Century" and "Un caso per tre" by Peter Falk in "Summer Storm", "Ready" , "Lights in the Heart" and

"Corky Romano" but also in TV series 1980/2000 "Colombo" , going on to the late Giampiero Albertini who had voiced the character in the first 45 episodes produced in the 1960 /70 and in the first four TV movies of 1989 /90.
On TV, he also voiced Redd Foxx in the old sitcom "Sanford and Son", and Roger Hanin in the French detective series "Commissioner Navarro."
Guidi has also been the voice of Prince John in the classic Disney animated "Robin Hood," and in recent years the voice of the Italian Professor in the animated series "Huntik - Secret & Seekers".
He also directed the dubbing of films like "The Hunting" and "Ocean of Fire - Hidalgo" and TV series such as "Early Edition".
Among his additional experiences besides dubbing, Guidi led for three years hosted, from Turin, a highly successful TV program for children based on texts from the commedia dell'arte, of which he was the author and performer in the role of Harlequin, and has participated in numerous soap opera with Macario, Raimondo Vianello and Sandra Mondaini, Gino Bramieri, Raffaele Pisu, Franca Rame, Antonella Steni, and The Quartet Cetra.
Farewell to a "Great lord of the Italian dubbing, a great actor and a man really full of enthusiasm, always correct and on time," as he recalled his fellow voice actor and dubbing director of Fiamma Izzo.
GUIDI, Antonio
Born: 10/28/1927, Ferrara, Emilia Romagna, Italy
Died: 10/17/2013, Milan, Lombardy, Italy
Antonio Guidi’s westerns – voice actor:
Savage Gringo – 1966 [Italian voice of Peter Carter]
A Hole in the Forehead – 1968 [Italian voice of Giorgio Gargiullo]
Sartana – 1968 [Italian voice of Gianni Rizzo]
Hate is My God – 1969 [Italian voice of sheriff]
Shoot the Living, Pray for the Dead – 1970 [Italian voice of Dan May]
Chato’s Land – 1971 [Italian voice of Richard Basehart]
My Name is Nobody - 1972 [Italian voice of Piero Lulli]

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