Wednesday, October 30, 2013

RIP Julia von Grolman

At 78 years old, Argentinian actress Julia Von Grolman has died
An artist with a distinguished career in film and tv .
She was part of "Four Faces for Victoria" with China Zorrilla, Nacha Guevara and Carola Reyna.
She e had a brief appearance in "Four men to Eve," which starred Edward Rudy , Rodolfo Bebán and Jorge Barreiro.
Argentina actress Julia Von Grolman  has died at age 78, reported people close to the artist who was showcased in the cinema between the 1970 and 1980 .
Owner of a striking beauty, Von Grolman had retired from public activity for over a decade and recently suffered a series of physical problems that will generate different impairments .
Formed with Peter Asquini theater teachers, Conrado Ramonet, Carlos Gandolfo and Augusto Fernandez, Von Grolman came to acting on the advice of Eduardo Pavlovsky and after a stay of a couple of years in New York, where she had left at 20 to study advertising.
The comedy "Who called Chiqui?" Directed by and starring Hedy Crilla with Gianni Lunadei and Elina Colomer, marked her debut with a role highlighted in the theater in 1965, while her first film role came in "Hotel Accommodation" by Fernando Ayala, in the same year .
About this role, which earned her a Condor Film Critics Association as Best Actress, always said with a laugh, "I was the only woman who undressed in the film."
Her development in the cinema was intense, working with leading filmmakers of her generation, especially with Oscar Barney Finn, who filmed "Count to Ten", "Broken Comedy" , the episode "Golden Hall" in the collective film "The mysterious Buenos Aires", "The Return of the Ballad" and “Stolen Moments," the last film she starred in 1997.
In addition, film was directed by Leopoldo Torre Nilsson ("Martin Fierro"), Mario David     ("Green Cloth"), Raul de la Torre ("John & Mrs. Lamaglia & Mrs", it will be remembered as one of her best roles) , and Alberto Fischerman ("Days of July"), among others.
On television she made ​​a brief appearances in the melodrama "Four Men to Eve," which protagonziaban Eduardo Rudy, Rodolfo Bebán and Jorge Barreiro and was successful in his time, and special programs such as "The Testament".
While in theater was among many others, in the set "The Collector", on plays by Manuel Mujica Lainez and others, as "Back Home" by Harold Pinter and directed by Leopoldo Torre Nilsson, who did not reach the five functions to be censored by the dictatorship of Juan Carlos Onganía .
Von Grolman, which for many years had been detached from the arts and lost contact with the environment, was married to Jorge Alvear and had no children.
Von GROLMAN, Julia
Born: 4/24/1935, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Died: 10/29/2013, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Julia Von Grolman’s western – actress:
Martin Fierro – 1968 (Sergeant Cruz’s wife)

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