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RIP Adela Fernández

Adela Fernandez (1942-2013) rest next to ' El Indio '
The writer, daughter of famed filmmaker coahuilense Emilio "El Indio " Fernández, died yesterday at age 70. Hours before her death, she asked that her final resting place outside next to her father in 'The Fortress'

By Fernanda Villarreal
Monday, August 19, 2013
Saltillo, Coahuila. - In early August, the writer Adela Fernández got the ashes of Coahuila filmmaker Emilio "El Indio" Fernández , which were forwarded to "The Fortress", the house in Coyoacán where the actor had asked to be her final resting place. Adela, said her daughter, was able to be with her father again. Adela now rests beside him in the mausoleum where just a week ago placed "El Indio". That was her last wish: " Then I get to be with my dad."
The writer Adela Fernandez died yesterday at age 70, victim of an intestinal occlusion which worsened in recent days, said the restaurateur and head of "The Fort", Cristobal Gomez Arias. Days ago, Fernandez was hospitalized after being subjected to surgery due to intestinal problems it presented. This was made known by her son, Quetzalcoatl Fernandez who said she was recovering, but still fragile.
Born December 6, 1942 in Mexico City, she lived surrounded by art world personalities such as Diego Rivera, Dolores del Río and María Félix. In her career spanning over 40 years produced a total of 11 books, including a series of monologues and scripts, and also made two short experimental films and currently was working on the biography of her father and a documentary about it.
Adela Fernandez began writing answering women’s love letters sent to her father. It was like it started in the world of literature, in which his main influences were Juan Rulfo and José Revueltas. She managed creations like the story "The Cage ENEDINA Aunt," which was chosen by Gabriel García Márquez as one of the works that everyone has to read.
"Literature is something that I was given, it was not something I sought," the author said in an exclusive interview with Vanguard in 2011, during her visit to the 14th International Book Fair Saltillo.
Participated in surrealist literary games with "Trivia", "The Exquisite Corpse" and "Automatic Writing", thanks to the close friendship she had with Leonora Carrington, Remedios Varo and "the snob" (as she described it) of Gustavo Alatriste. While in New York entered the literature of Zen Buddhism and continued her biggest fascination: the esoteric.
Within her works stand carrying out the shorts "Chiaroscuro" and "Everyday Surrealism", which reflected the teachings of her father and the legacy that he left.
She published the books "Vago Backbone of Night" and "Duermevelas" among others, as well as monologues "The Gravedigger" and "No Sol ... Whither shall look sunflowers?" And plays like
"The Third Solitude" and "The Prodigious", with which she received the award for literary excellence of the work of Spanish women Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz in 1986.
Her writing was described as surreal, others linked with the Beat Generation and even said she was part of a magical realism, although at the beginning she describes herself as baroque a
"sucker" in Mexican terms, she said.
The legacy of 'El Indio'
Adela studied acting and playwriting at Film Training Center and the Universidad Iberoamericana. During her life she taught theater and toured as a director of various classics.
As daughter of famed filmmaker Coahuila, said she hated the film for a moment, because she understood the cruel work that her father performed daily.
"I thought my dad was bad since before the hanging, the shooting, the men dragged by horses, my dad, spent hours in a chair shouting 'Action, cut, go back we want perfection', how could he order that? And the strangest thing was that all these 'dead' got up and went to eat, "she said in an interview with Ramon Carrillo.
Then she realized the magic that housed the film world. However, it was her own father, who came to literature, which left that could have become his profession, cinematography.
"I did not commit myself to the movies because every time I approached to seek a chance, I was with my dad and I was terrified. But I became rebellious and like my dad hated the theater, I started doing theater, he hated bald women and cut my hair. And now that I remember, the more you hurt me, I laugh the whole ball of crap I did to get his attention, "he told this newspaper in 2011, when he came to present his book "Hybrid".
This year, a new publication, the author will be presented at the - now called - Arteaga Book Fair. It is "Sabrosuras of Death", a copy already failed to promote in this, the land of his father, who always praised.
Commitment to culture
Meanwhile, Christopher Arias Adela Gomez said yesterday that she always fought to spread the culture in Mexico. "I always gave prominence to indigenous people, which is why she worked for many years in the National Indigenous Institute and published several works for the people of Mexico know what identity meant," the chronicler of "La Fortaleza".
Gomez said Adela Arias asked be remembered "as a strong woman who was not intimidated by anything or anyone, who was faithful to his principles and committed to the culture of Mexico."
He noted that in the last hours of her life she remained lucid, so inform the writer reached his will: "Keep working, keep spreading my father, spread my work."
The body of the writer was buried yesterday watched by friends and family at "The Fort". It is expected that, if confirmed, on Monday to allow access to the general public paradarle the últimoadiós by a posthumous tribute .
At the request of Adela, her remains will be cremated and placed in the mausoleum where for a few days remain those of his father .
"She said, 'then I get to be with my dad'. His concept of death was very peculiar, he never feared it. Here already Chihuahua family and close friends, "said Christopher. ( With information from El Universal and The Informers)
FERNÁNDEZ, Adela (Adela Fernández y Fernández)
Born: 12/6/1942, Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico
Died: 8/18/2013, Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico
Adela Fernández’s western – screenwriter, actress:
Soy el hijo del gallero - 1978

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