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RIP Amparo Rivelles

Actress dies Amparo Rivelles
So dear in Spain and across the Atlantic, in Mexico, her two homelands today mourn the passing of Amparo Rivelles Ladron de Guevara, who died at 21:30 pm Thursday at the Hospital Fundación Jiménez Díaz in Madrid at 88 years old .
Granddaughter, daughter, sister and aunt of actors  Amparo Rivelles was the biggest name in a long line of artists. In August 2012 she suffered the loss of her brother actor Carlos Larrañaga. This Thursday night, a brief statement was issued by a representative of the family reporting her death and adding that "her daughter Maria Fernanda, her grandson, her nephews Larrañaga siblings, friends Rosa Maria and Peter, as well as her in-laws feel a deeply painful loss and pay tribute to an actress and remarkable woman."
Rivelles was one of the most important actresses of Spanish cinema and had, among others, the National Theatre Award and the Award for Best Actress Goya. Noted for her beauty and unmistakable personality.
She debuted in Barcelona at thirteen on stage in the company of her mother, Maria Fernanda Ladron de Guevara, with the comedy 'Siete Hermanas ', Leandro Navarro, and in 1940, at fifteen, she made her first film appearance in the film 'Mari Juana' by Armando Vidal .
She rose to fame quickly and got an exclusive contract with the producer Cifesa, for which she made one of her best roles in the 1940s and 1950s.
Among her most praised of the first stage are 'Eloisa está debajo del almendro' ( 1943 ) and ‘La fe' (1947), films directed by Rafael Gil.
From this period are also her films 'Los ladrones somos gente honrada' (1941), 'Malvaloca' (1942), 'El clavo' (1944), 'Espronceda' (1945, de Fernando Alonso Casares), 'Fuenteovejuna' (1947), 'La calle sin sol' (1948), 'La duquesa de Benamejí' (1949), 'De mujer a mujer' (1950), 'Alba de América' y 'La Leona de Castilla' (ambas, 1951); y 'Un ángel tuvo la culpa' (1959).  
She worked with Orson Welles in 'Mister Arkadin' (1954 ) and Tulio Demicheli in 'La herida luminosa' (1957).
She traveled to Mexico in 1957 to perform the play 'Un cuarto lleno de rosas' with Manolo Fabregas, and what at first was going to be a short stay, she became a voluntary exile for over twenty years.
While there she continued to make films and theater appearances and broke into television serials starring in great while doing other roles followed in Spain. Emphasizes her performance in 'La madrastra', along with the Soap Opera 'Nuestro Cine' and was considered the best actress at that time.
On her return to Spain, in 1979, reappeared on the scene with the comedy of Santiago Moncada,
'Salvar a los delfines' and then with 'Anillos para una dama' by Antonio Gala. Represented in 1982 'El caso de la mujer asesinadita' by Miguel Mihura, which won the award that bears the name of the author.

RIVELLES, Amparo (María Amparo Rivelles y Ladrón de Guevara)
Born: 2/11/1925, Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Died: 11/7/2013, Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Amparo Rivelles' westerns - actress:
El fugitivo - 1966
Indio - 1972

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