Monday, November 18, 2013

RIP Cristóbal García

Cristobal Garcia, actor, director a good man.
la opinion de Almeria
By Emilio Ruiz
He was 46 years-ol, his height was 1.72 and the weight of 78 kilos. His eyes were green, his graying brown hair, normal complexion and his occupation in Spain was originally of a Telephone Technician. This he said himself. What Cristobal Garcia never said was that in this life he was an honest, clean, loved and excited, that person was him.
This last night Cristobal died from a heart attack. So accustomed to his practical jokes, we thought they were playing it to the last. Too macabre it was, but Cristobal, a vital and outgoing man, could not wait .
The imaginary reality has returned from his world of fantasy to the cruel reality. Yes, Cristobal has left us, and he went as he never used to go to the sites: without a goodbye without a back, because he, again, always returned.
This time the trip seems to be definitive. It seems, I say? Seems to say because we are still confusing dreams with reality. We cannot think of the idea that he’s no longer going to be with us.
These moments are unbearable. The tragedies always hit with much greater emphasis than reality. This is not, this exceeds all our imaginations .
Because good men never deserve to die. Because our life is miserable without them. Because without people like Cristobal life for many people is meaningless. We miss you, Cristobal. But do not go alone. Take with yoiu a piece of the dreams of thousands of fans who watched you enjoy life.

GARCÍA, Cristóbal (Cristóbal García Muñoz)
Born: 1967, Spain
Died: 11/17/2013, Almeria, Andalusia, Spain
Cristobal García’s western – actor:
The Man Without Time – 2013 (gunslinger)

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